Pistons Weaver happy with progress in 'restoring' season

Troy Weaver Detroit Pistons
Posted at 3:24 PM, Mar 09, 2021

WXYZ — The word 'rebuild' is everywhere you look at the present moment in Detroit sports.

The Lions are breaking in a new coaching staff and front office, the Red Wings are one of the worst teams in the NHL, the Tigers believe their young talent will win them more games this season, yet championship talk is still a ways away.

The Pistons (10-26) aren't headed anywhere but the NBA lottery, but the record doesn't tell the whole story.

"I feel goo where we are, I wouldn't say we're behind, or ahead, I like where we are," Pistons GM Troy Weaver said.

The Pistons have moved on from their older veterans, trading Derrick Rose and buying out Blake Griffin in the recent months and days. There's good reason for it though, as the rookies that Weaver helped draft are showing great strides in their first seasons, even without their normal off-season routine.

"They've come in and done a great job of dealing with the timetable that's in front of them. They helped things, but they aren't doing anything that we didn't expect them to," Weaver said.

"Who they are as people, what they bring everyday really hasn't surprised me at all."

Dwane Casey was listed by a betting site as one the the coaches with the highest odds to be fired this season, but that proved to be a suckers bet, as Weaver's statements today on his confidence in Casey's abilities have never been higher.

"I absolutely believe and trust that we have the best coach in the world for what we're going through, his steadiness, the way he's set the tone for these guys, they often say that a team takes on the personality fo a coach and that has absolutely happened," Weaver added.

"You can only restore something that's great, there's been greatness in Detroit, three championships and that's what I wanted here. No slight to the Timberwolves, they can't restore, they don't have three championships, they don't have the greatness, the Atlanta Hawks can't restore, but the Detroit Pistons can restore," Weaver said.

Weaver also added that while no players are deemed untouchable as the trade deadline approaches, don't expect fireworks either. Weaver said he'll never say never when it comes to trades, but unless someone comes with an offer the Pistons can;t refuse, they likely will be quiet before this years deadline.