Red Wings Abdelkader writes children's book

Posted at 6:01 PM, Dec 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-10 22:47:57-05

The story of Justin Abdelkader is one of a kind.

“I just thought with my story, being from Michigan, always being a Red Wing I thought that it was unique and I wanted to tell it,” Red Wings forward Justin Abdelkader said. 

In a new children’s book, “Shoot for the goal,” Abdelkader tells his story that many only dream of. It chronicles a young hockey player growing up in Michigan dreaming of playing for the storied franchise, and the steps he took to make it happen. 

“It was fun to put this book together, it was things that I dealt with throughout my career getting to the NHL. So I thought it would be good to share and I know kids and goals and dreams to do different things and there’s going to be things that get in your way,” Abdelkader added. 

But why a children’s book? Well, it fits perfectly with Abdelkader‘ reading program, Abby’s All-Stars, which he is very passionate about.

“I thought presenting this and tying the proceeds into my reading program would really benefit that,” Abdelkader said. 

The full circle moment comes on the last page of the book, it’s JAbdeklader, reading this book to kids during his program, as living proof that dreams can be made into reality. 

The book is available at the Red Wings team store outside of Little Caesars Arena or Hockeytown Authentics in Troy.