Pistons won't change logo or uniforms next year

Posted at 5:25 PM, May 05, 2016

Back in February, a new Pistons logo was floating around the internet.

Thanks to a few leaked 2016-17 product catalogs, there was loud speculation the team would unveil a new logo before next season.

Today, there was more fuel behind the discussion with an update from The idea: the logo hiding in plain sight in so many advertisements and marketing campaigns would become the team's primary identity.

Not to be.

A team official told WXYZ today there will be no tweaks or updates to either the uniform or logo.

The current emblem is an ode to the Bad Boys era logo. The logo floating around the internet, thanks to the Pistons use of it in marketing, was almost a direct copy of the 80's and 90's logo, with an updated font.

Turns out, it was all for nothing (for now).