Twitter numbers help boost overall Thursday night viewing

Posted at 6:46 PM, Sep 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-16 18:46:13-04
NEW YORK (AP) -- The NFL's first prime-time game broadcast on Twitter reached an audience of 2.1 million on the social media site Thursday night.
An average audience of 243,000 watching the Jets beat the Bills on Twitter viewed an average of 22 minutes of game action.
Across all digital NFL platforms, there was an average of 314,000 users, with each spending an average of 25 minutes watching the match.
On all platforms, including CBS and NFL Network's TV broadcasts, the average audience was 15.7 million per minute.
CBS and NFL Network's numbers were 15.4 million on average for a 9.5 rating and 18 share. That was up 20 percent for the TV audience compared to last season's average for Thursday nights.