USPBL maximizing players with unique system


To date, the United Shore Professional Baseball League (USPBL) has sent 16 players from their league, to the majors.

Certainly they've found some diamonds in the rough, but they've also sent them up due to their training system, which many professional teams don't emphasize.

"If you don't know where the player currently is, how can you progress the player where he needs to be," Director of Baseball Operations Justin Orenduff said. 

That's the question that Justin Orenduff asks as he takes talented players just below the major league line, and sees how he, and his system, can get them to the major leagues. 

"If you want get to the next level and really become a major league prospect, here's where you have to get to first," Orenduff added. 

One of the keys to the USPBL's success is making their pitching prospects better using a sophisticated video system, DVE, to monitor, track and fix the mechanics that hold them back from finding their potential. 

"We give players to develop, the time to fail, because a lot of times if I pitch bad in a game, I'm going to be released," Orenduff said. 

And that's what happened to Andrew Potter. After growth and success in the USPBL, he was picked up by the Pittsburgh Pirates, and was with the organization until last week when he was cut. But he's back here, knowing there's still a future in front of him. 

"I have faith in Duff and his program and I know this program can excel others if it excelled me," Potter said.

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