Sterling Heights asks residents to "officially" name golden ring after "butt" jokes galore

Posted at 2:40 PM, Mar 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-19 05:46:22-04

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. — In an attempt to rebrand the city, Sterling Heights has launched an “official” naming contest for a newly erected circular monument on Hall Road, but unofficially, social media named it long ago.

Several Facebook pages dedicated to mocking the $180,000 monument have been up and running for months.

To name a few…“The Golden Butthole of Macomb County,” “Pure Michigan’s Golden Butthole,” “Sterling Heights Golden Butthole,” and the “Brother of the Golden Butthole of Sterling Heights.”

The 35-foot steel and aluminum circle, which is illuminated at night, was constructed on the median along M-59 near Lakeside Mall. It was completed in January.

Sterling Heights says the monument was built in honor of the Golden Corridor, which is M-59, between M-53 and I-94 and the immense economic impact the area has on the surrounding cities.

Over 100,000 vehicles travel the Golden Corridor daily, and the monument has not gone unnoticed.

The city spent nearly $300,000 on a branding package, which includes the golden ring and new signage.

In announcing the official naming contest, Sterling Heights had a sense of humor about the controversial monument.

“Hey! Have you noticed anything new lately on Hall Road? Kidding, kidding. Of course you have! And while we prefer to keep things PG around here, we have heard of the golden ring icon’s… unsavory nickname. (Do you all kiss your mom with that mouth?)”

The winner of the official naming contest will win more than $1,000 in gift cards.

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