Thieves use bolt cutters to get into lockers at LA Fitness to steal credit cards

Posted at 6:36 PM, Dec 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-27 18:36:36-05

WOODHAVEN (WXYZ)  — Brittani Quigley, 29, is a member of LA Fitness, but when she and two friends went to the LA Fitness in Woodhaven earlier this month, it was not to workout.

Woodhaven Police said it was to allegedly steal credit cards after using bolt cutters to get into two lockers.

But the plan was foiled when a man spotted one of Quigley's alleged accomplices leaving his locker and noticing he had been robbed.

Police believe it was 24-year-old Marchael Clements that the victim spotted. The victim also took a picture of the man's vehicle as he drove off.

Then as Woodhaven Police were talking to the victim, he started getting alerts on his phone that his credit card was being used at a CVS in Trenton.

Trenton Police responded to the CVS on West Road which is just about a mile away from the LA Fitness and arrested Clements, 24, Quigley and 42-year-old Nichole Thomas.

Woodhaven Police said the trio purchased $10,260 worth of merchandise with the stolen credit cards. Most of the money was spent on purchasing thousands of dollars worth of $500 Visa gift cards.

Some of the credit cards that were being used by the three had been declined.

It's unclear why the clerk at CVS was not suspicious of the activity.

7 Action News reached out to CVS for comment, but no one from the company has responded.

Quigley and Thomas are from Washington D.C. and Clements is from Maryland.

Managment at LA Fitness told police that Quigley's sign in history shows she had also been to their locations in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio and that there have been thefts at those locations too.

After the three had been arraigned on multiple felony charges for the alleged crimes that took place at the LA Fitness in Woodhaven, Clements was able to bond out of jail.

Bond for each had been set at $150,000 (10%) cash/surety.

The three have also been charged in connection with the alleged crimes that took place at the CVS in Trenton, but only Thomas and Quigley have been arraigned in that case because they were still in custody.

A warrant was issued for Clements in the Trenton case.

Clements is supposed to appear in court on Friday for a Probable Cause Conference and, if he shows up, that's when he'll be arraigned on the newest charges.