Volunteers race to save the lives of dogs living in backyards, giving crates to bring dogs inside

Posted at 6:42 PM, Jan 30, 2019

DETROIT (WXYZ) — The truth is that dogs left outside, even in straw-filled doghouses, will suffer and likely die in the cold this week.

"It's called teamwork," said Jessica Ramirez who is one of many volunteers from various animal welfare groups that are giving dog crates to owners so they can bring their dogs inside the house and away from the bitter cold.

"Bring those dogs in, please! They cannot survive this weather," said Woodhaven Mayor Dr. Patricia Odette who is known for her work in animal rescue.

Odette invited 7 Action News along Wednesday as she and other volunteers from groups like C.H.A.I.N.E.D. Inc. braved the record cold temperature to deliver crates to dog owners.

Thanks to donations, the non-profit Animal Resource Funding Foundation (ARFF) has been able to purchase a lot of crates, but so many more crates and other supplies including dog food are needed. Click here to make a donation to ARFF.

If you would like to donate a crate to help save a dog, you can drop them off at 2501 Pearl Street in Detroit until 8:00 pm. Wednesday and again Thursday, beginning at 8:00 am.

Anyone in need of a crate for a pet can also stop by at that location, but dog owners are encouraged to immediately bring their dogs inside and contact volunteers through the "Detroiters Helping Each Other" Facebook page so they can make sure they have the proper size available or can get one to you.

Dr. Lucretia Greear of Woodhaven Animal Hospital has offered free use of their new hyperbaric oxygen chamber to any animal suffering from frostbite.

The Woodhaven Animal Hospital is located at 20376 Van Horn Road in Woodhaven.

Dogs, even if they have thick fur, are susceptible to frostbite which often proceeds to hypothermia which can be fatal.

In this extreme cold, your dog can begin to suffer quickly and you should be prepared to quickly get them back inside the house where it's warm.

Signs to look for: shivering, slow movements, limping, and whining.

A dog may even appear sleepy and curl up into a ball in an attempt to maintain body heat. But that's when you must get them into a warm area to avoid suffering and even death.

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