Detroit posts warmest December on record

Posted at 7:58 AM, Jan 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-01 07:58:42-05

You may have noticed the metro Detroit area didn't feel like Winter throughout December, and seemed to be much warmer than usual.

According to the National Weather Service, it was warm for December. So warm that it was the warmest December on record in Detroit. The NWS said it was also the warmest December on record for Saginaw and Flint, too.

The NWS said the average temperature in Detroit for December was 41.1 degrees, which is up from the previous record of 40.6 degrees in 1881. That means we broke a 134-year-old record.

On top of that, the temperature of 41 degrees in Flint and 39.1 degrees in Saginaw broke the record by nearly four degrees and would qualify as a top ten warmest March for those areas. It would be in the top 15 warmest March in the Detroit area.

When comparing with other anomalous months, which means months where it's a departure from the average, Detroit was 11 degrees warmer on average in December 2015. It was 14 degrees colder in February 2015, 9.2 degrees colder in January 2014 and 13.5 degrees warmer in March 2012.