There's a chance we could see snowflakes flying beginning this weekend

There's a chance we could see snowflakes flying beginning this weekend
Posted at 8:13 PM, Oct 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-25 15:15:29-04

Oh, the weather outside is frightful... or is it?

If you are a winter weather lover and you have been impatiently waiting for "your season" to show it's intentions then you may get excited about this weekend.

The possibility of some snow flurries or a light snow shower are in the forecast for both Sunday and Monday. The best chance, and it is a CHANCE, is Sunday evening into midday on Monday. 

Will it be enough to make a snowman? Not unless you can get to the store and buy one. 

Snowman for sale

Even if we do get a few flakes around here they will not stick to the ground. Temps will be too warm and the ground itself certainly is not cold enough to let it stay long at all. 

But, none-the-less, we may see our first few flakes late this weekend.

Coming off of such a warm fall it may seem very early for the first snowfall, but really it isn't. When the actual very first flakes appear is not part of our record books, but I can tell you that in Detroit the first 0.1" of snow arrives on average on November 17th.

The earliest date for the first 0.1" of snow was October 12th, 2006. 

On the other hand, the latest 0.1" of snow that has ever fallen in Detroit was on May 22nd, 1883.

That is a very long "winter season", so be careful of what you ask for.

The greatest snow storm on record for Detroit fell on April 6, 1886 with an enormous total of 24.5" 

If you remember just last week this winter's outlook came out and we are expected to get a little more snow this winter than our average of 42". I don't think you have to worry about two feet though at one time. 

Two feet of snow

I will let you know if it looks like we are in for that.

The last four winters started with two very cold and snowy ones followed by the last two that were warmer than average and not very exciting for snow lovers.

That makes this year's the tie breaker.

The snowiest month on record for Detroit was January of 2014 when we got 39.1" of snow. That winter started a little early too - with the first snow coming earlier than average.

Does that mean that a few flakes on Sunday or Monday will go buy a snow blower? We will have to wait and see.