Northern Lights will be visible in Michigan tonight

Northern Lights visible in Michigan tonight
Posted at 8:56 PM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-28 20:56:52-04

When the sun lets out a belch or a burp it does not cover its mouth. The result is a nasty solar wind projected at us at up to 700 km/s. That's 1,565,855 mph!

Well, excuse me!

That solar wind impacts the earth's magnetic field filling it with particles that interact and glow causing the Northern Lights.

It isn't often that they can be seen this far south, but tonight may be the night. Some experts from the the University of Alaska' Geophysical Institute say they may be seen as far south as the Saginaw Valley.

This latest solar storm started yesterday and is expected to last through Friday night with tonight and Thursday night being the best chance to catch a glimpse.

All of this is great talk and building anticipation, but unfortunately, the weather is not going to cooperate for most of us.

Those standing outside with their hopes and eyes lifted to the sky and mouths hanging open will most likely get a drink from the heavens rather than a sip of celestial awesomeness.  

The weather is much clearer in northern lower Michigan and in the Upper Peninsula however. Maybe a friend or relative from up there can share their pictures with you.

For pictures and information check this out from one of our own Michigan universities: