Some areas could get needed rain as heat, humidity may trigger weekend showers

Posted at 7:52 PM, Jul 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-13 19:53:29-04

The heat has been and will be, a big deal this weekend. As a matter of fact, we hit 90 again today, and that makes it the 15th time this spring and summer.

That is already more than usual for the entire year. We should add to that list throughout the weekend. 

Whether or not you like the heat, the one thing for sure is that it is keeping us very dry.

The big bubble of hot and dry air has been keeping any showers and storms from making it into the metro area. With the exception of January every month this year has been above average for precipitation..... until this month!

The official measurements for Detroit are taken at Metro Airport. There has been absolutely no measurable rain there this month.  

The lack of rain and big heat has made it dangerously dry in the region. Many cities and towns have begun to introduce watering bans. That is how bad it has become.

So when do we get some relief? 

There should be some rain and storms that move through this weekend with the best chance of getting wet happening Saturday late evening and overnight.

The heat and humidity of each afternoon should also give us chances for rain.  Any showers and storms will be spotty, but heavy.

That means that some of us may get what we need while others will have to keep the hoses flowing... if allowed.

The pattern of high heat and humidity will end after Monday as temperatures stay in the low to mid-80s for much of next week and drier air takes over.

So in the meantime cross your fingers and do a little dance. Maybe that will put you in the path of some rain and relief this weekend.