Brother of murdered woman in Detroit says possible serial killer is 'a coward'

Posted at 11:37 PM, Jun 05, 2019

DETROIT (WXYZ) — As Detroit police continue looking for a possible serial killer and rapist, the brother of one of the victims is speaking out about his sister's death.

Tim Harrison says it's been a hard and difficult few months since the passing of his sister Nancy. He says what happened to her was done by a coward.

"Nobody needed to die... the way they did," Tim said. "It’s terrible."

Three murders, three unsolved crimes and three families are looking for justice.

"(She was a) very nice, kindhearted person," Tim said. "(She) would do anything for you, anything."

Detroit 300, a community action team, is stepping up patrols in neighborhoods after hearing reports of a possible serial killer and rapist on the loose.

"They do not deserve their lives to be taken on the streets and then left for dead," said Martin Jones, Detroit 300 community action team spokesperson.

Chief James Craig addressed the media Wednesday saying the killer is targeting sex workers. All women are believed to be in their 50s. Tim Harrison says his sister wasn’t a "working girl."

"I appreciate Chief Craig’s services," Tim said. "Hard working man down there. Detroit is a very big city. My sister was not a working girl, first of all."

Harrison's body was found on March 19 on Coventry in Detroit. The second victim, Travesene Ellis, was found on May 24 on Linnhurst.

The third woman was found Wednesday morning on Mack. She remains unidentified due to the extensive decomposition of her body, police say.

"We’re going to have boots on the ground. We’re going to be in a number of neighborhoods," Jones said.

Tim says his sister was the kindest woman in the world, she’d give the shirt off her back to anyone. He’s hoping whoever killed her is found soon.

"Very much so coward," he said. "Try doing that to a man, see what happens."

If you have any Information on these killings, please contact the Detroit Police Department.