Metro Detroiters tell us how they're picking a presidential candidate

Posted at 6:34 PM, Mar 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-09 19:30:48-04

(WXYZ) — Our coverage of the upcoming election is taking us into neighborhoods and homes to find out who people support for president and why.

We’re hearing from three different voters with three different views about candidates, and the top issues that will influence the election, and those views being shared are their own.

“Health care is definitely important as well as the economy,” says Democratic voter Herb Hayden.

“If I don’t have money to buy things, I can’t support myself. I can’t be free if I don’t feel safe,” says Republican voters Marge Mancuso.

“I say I’m moderate, because I do have some conservative standpoints and I’m very liberal in other ways,” says Rashondra Jordan.

They are 3 metro Detroiters who share a love for America and want our country to succeed.

Jordan says she’ll be voting for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and her reasons include his positions on “Education. Rights for minorities including LGBT & women.”

Another voter deeply committed to patriotism is Marge Mancuso, who identifies as a Republican.

She says she voted for President Trump in the last election and will again, based on his support of military, economy, and his tough stance on immigration.

“It’s important we know who is in our country. If we don’t know who’s in our country, it’s like my house. I know the people in my house,” she says.

Yet another voice is that of dedicated Detroiter and Democrat Herb Hayden.

Neither a Trump nor Sanders supporter, he says he’s already picked Vice President Joe Biden for his political experience.

“You have to reach across the aisle. Do things to make sure Dems and Republicans do the right thing. Number 45 just doesn’t resonate with the African American community,” he says.

As Michigan once again becomes a pivotal swing state, Marge tells us she’s eager for more healthy debate.

“Just to be able to share ideas and not be so hostile. We’re not enemies. We’re all Americans,” she says.

As we continue election coverage, we’ll be checking in with Marge, Rashondra and Herb to find out what else will influence them.