Pingree Manufacturing searching for Master Leather Crafter & Production Supervisor

Posted at 4:04 AM, Aug 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-23 06:24:57-04

Urban utility boots and other products made in Detroit will be on sale to the public this year. Pingree Manufacturing based in Detroit is scouring the area for just the right person to fill a vital position at the company to get production off on the right foot.

MASTER LEATHER CRAFTER & PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR is the job opening. The ideal candidate needs to have more than 10 years of experience in creative leather crafting and boot making.  This person must also be able to lead a production team.

The Master craftsperson requires skills in pattern making, industrial sewing, and small scale production. 

The candidate must also be equipped to be a team leader and help develop the company's veteran leather manufacturing artisans. 

The job pays $15/hour base pay plus benefits, an equity stake in the company, profit sharing and quarterly performance based bonuses.

Leaders at the company say without this position being filled, production is being held up.  They want to find the right candidate for this challenging and rewarding position.

Pingree Manufacturing is a worker-owned company based in Detroit. 

It brands itself as "Detroit Made Boots with a Mission." The company makes hand-made urban utility boots and other products built by veterans overcoming homelessness.

The motto is "Keep it simple, sustainable, strong."

Job candidates can email Donna Grossman in the Human Resources office at:

If you have questions, you can call their Human Resources office at (248)764-8535.