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Michigan State Police continue patrols in Lansing on Inauguration day

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Posted at 5:20 PM, Jan 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-20 17:20:28-05

LANSING, Mich (WXYZ) — Michigan State Police were on high alert yet again, standing guard outside Michigan’s State Capitol during the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

“We’re prepared for 3 folks that may stop by, we’re also prepared for 2,000 if that were to happen,” said First Lieutenant Micheal Shaw of the Michigan State Police.

The final number ended up being closer to 3 who stuck around for a few hours in the early morning and stayed until shortly after noon. Those passionate supporters who did show up, braved the cold to defend the President now leaving office.

“I don't think that it's possible for one man to do as much damage to society as the media has tried to portray,” said John Clore of Lansing. "Being a conservative, we don't condone violence what so ever. That’s not how we play the game.”

Clore believes the election was fraudulent, and that President Trump's supporters like himself are being targeted for their opinions.

“I believe in a America that was united and it wasn't divided specifically on our political beliefs," Clore said. "It’s become extremely divided.”

On the other side of that divide, is Lorence Wenke, who came from Kalamazoo to show support for Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The former Republican State Representative feels unity is coming soon.

“The political atmosphere of the country, I think it's going to change dramatically with a new president in Washington," Wenke said.

“Hopefully unity will be in the horizon for us, that would be great,” said Don Atkinson of Clinton Township.

Wearing a patch for the Three Percenters, Atkinson came in full military gear. He says he still has unanswered questions about the election but says he’ll support President Joe Biden, now that he’s in office.

“I wish the new President well," Atkinson said. "Hopefully he can keep America moving forward as much as it has over the last 4 years.”

For now, enhanced security at the Capitol remains and will stay in place through February until the tension cools down.

“Hopefully after today some of the rhetoric may die down a little bit and we’ll kind of play it by ear by then,” said Lt. Shaw.