Thousands of pounds of drugs seized at Detroit-Canada border in 2021

Border Checkpoints
Posted at 6:01 AM, Jan 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-14 07:14:19-05

(WXYZ) — COVID-19 and the travel ban did not stop smugglers from bringing in tons of drugs and counterfeit goods including fake vaccination cards, and tests, across the border.

Since the COVID-19 travel ban went into place nearly two years ago, Border and Customs agents have been busy.

Just last year, CBP said they confiscated $138 billion worth of goods.

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"It's a really challenging job for us just because of the volume of trade that we see," Director of Field Operations Michigan Christopher Perry said.

Detroit is the second busiest truck crossing in the U.S. with millions of trucks and cars passing through each year, but if you try to hide anything, CBP will find it.

According to their report, there has been a 2800% increase in marijuana smuggling activity since 2019. There was also a 650% increase in seized ammunition.

In 2021, they sized 40 plus thousand rounds of ammunition.

They also seized 14,324 pounds of marijuana, 240 pounds of cocaine, 25.5 pounds of meth, and 12.8 pounds of fentanyl.

Knock-off designer goods and fake championship rings were also seized. Director Perry says the profits from selling these counterfeit goods and drugs may be tied to funding other criminal activities, including terrorism.

"I'd like the men and women to know that the men and women of the CBP not only here in Michigan but throughout the country are dedicated and committed to keeping our communities safe."

And with COVID-19, officers have also begun to confiscate fake vaccine cards from overseas as well as fake COVID-19 tests leaving visitors at risk of being turned away at the border.

"We see an increase in those things especially in the air environment," Perry said. "But again, I go back to our diligence by our officers and specialist looking and digging for those fraudulent vaccine cards and tests and so on."