31-year-old man shot by police at BP gas station in Detroit after pulling out a handgun, police say

Posted at 6:32 AM, Dec 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-31 07:59:39-05

A 31-year-old suspect was shot by police Thursday night at a BP gas station near the corner of Connor and Wade streets in Detroit.

According to police, officers were inside the BP gas station when they observed an individual in the corner of the gas station "engaging in some suspicious behavior."

Assistant Police Chief David Levalley said when the officers approached the man a struggle started.

"It looked like he broke free a second time and when he did so, he produced a handgun from his waistband. Two officers fired shots at that point.”

The suspect was struck multiple times by the officers and taken to the hospital. That man is in serious condition.

“We do see a lot more firearms on the street than we ever have in the past,” Levalley said.

This makes the third time Detroit police have shot a suspect in the city this month.

On December 19, Detroit police shot and killed Nakita Williams at a gas station on 7 Mile and Hayes. They say she was pointing an airsoft gun at customers and officers.

On December 28, officers fatally shot Dwayne McDonald, the 62-year-old wanted in connection with the deaths of his wife and stepdaughter who were killed on Christmas day, during a raid.

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Police were searching for McDonald when they found him in a Detroit apartment. They say he also had a gun.

As for this shooting, police say a clerk was inside the gas station at the time, but thankfully was not hurt. Nor were either of the two officers.

Investigators on scene say there is video of this all unfolding from multiple angles.