5th grade teacher sings 'All I want for Christmas is you... to do your math' in fun video to students

Posted at 5:54 PM, Dec 22, 2020

SOUTHFIELD (WXYZ) — We're going to go out on a limb and say that Ms. Peters at Southfield Christian School has a fan club that includes all of her 5th grade students.

"Mrs. Peters is the bomb," said 10-year-old Layla Wagner.

Christina Peters recently created a video in which she sings "All I want for Christmas is you" but with a twist!

The title for Ms. Peters' version of the popular holiday song is "All I want for Christmas is you to do your math."

Peters is a 5th grade teacher at the school in Southfield, and it's the same school she attended when she was a kid.

Layla said Ms. Peters always makes learning, even the tough stuff, fun for them.

"She just tries to make everything on our level and not, like, more than we can take. I just love how she does that. It's so fun," Layla said.

Peters said she enjoys making videos to help keep students engaged and, this time, she really wanted the kids to go into their break on a happy note.

"I just really want them to feel loved. I want them to know that when they come to class, they're going to learn, but that they're going to have fun," Peters said. "I just think it's so important to make lifelong learners out of our students and for them to always love learning, love education, love wanting to know more, whether that's taking a course or just sitting and having a conversation with somebody else and learning from their life experiences."

Here's the full version of the video that also includes Ms. Peters' cousins, Haley and Caroline. All three of them attended Southfield Christian, and it's where Peters said her teachers gave her the spark and confidence to become an educator herself.