Checking on the road conditions throughout metro Detroit after Wednesday's snow

Posted at 4:52 AM, Feb 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-03 07:03:57-05

(WXYZ) — After the snowstorm across metro Detroit on Wednesday, our reporters were out taking a look at road conditions throughout the area for your Thursday morning commute if you have to go out. We have crews in Livingston, Macomb and Wayne counties checking out the conditions.

More than 600 schools are closed once again on Thursday due to the storm, as many side roads may not be plowed or salted.

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Temperatures are also expected to get bitterly cold, with single-digit wind chills both Thursday and Friday.

Our Alex Bozarjian is in Livingston County on Thursday morning near the intersection of Main St. and Grand River in Brighton.

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She said crews are hard at work, and she's seen about 15 different trucks clearing the road, and the roads were getting clearer as they moved west from Southfield.

Peter Maxwell is out in Macomb County near Gratiot and 12 Mile. He also saw several plow trucks out on the roads salting and clearing what was left of the snow for drivers.

The Department of Roads said it had between 50 and 60 trucks on the road Wednesday night and into the morning.

"Winter operations will continue this morning and throughout the day with trucks covering all routes," the department said.

They will be monitoring conditions and working the roads, and are reminding drivers to stay alert and drive appropriately for the conditions on the road.

In Wayne County and Northwest Detroit, our Jenn Schanz said both Outer Drive and Wadsworth were plowed, but many sidewalks have not been touched, meaning you should be careful on the sidewalks.

In Detroit, Starting at 6 a.m. Thursday, five contractors will begin salting neighborhood streets and continue plowing until 6 p.m. Friday. If more needs to be done, they will be back at it again Saturday morning.

Detroit also activated the snow emergency routes, meaning if you are parked on the side of a snow emergency route, you need to move your car.

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