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The Alger Theater is being restored one project at a time with the help of some friends

Posted at 2:47 PM, May 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-21 19:33:48-04

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) — A future place for shopping and entertainment with the kids. A rooftop party surrounded by top-of-the-line art everywhere.

Seats that will be filled with life once again, a place where time has stood still.

Welcome to the Alger Theater, a destination place for entertainment in Detroit's Morningside neighborhood after it was built in 1935.

This is the original marquee; it is not what is out there now we really want to replace that in the renovation or the restoration of the theater.

Now it is a historic treasure, one of the only two neighborhood theaters in Detroit still intact and untouched, getting by with a little help from its friends.

“Friends of the Alger Theater was established in the early 80's,” said Jackie Grant, President of Friends of the Alger.

“This has all new electrical. It has been abated from asbestos, so these areas are safe,” added Grant.

“It's been a heavy lift in the last 5-6 years,” said Grant. “We've invested about 400K.”

For now, all the costs involved in bringing this gem back are being handled by the messages you place up high and donations from corporations and community members who care.

And once the Friends can get the Alger compliant for people with disabilities, a certificate of occupancy and a new roof, they can open their doors for the best picture, a place for families to enjoy.

This is the largest on this East Warren corridor and we are part of the strategic neighborhood framework right now, One of the 10 communities in the city of Detroit.

“We want it to be more than a movie theater. We want it to be an art a cultural hub. We want it to be a community space where maybe children can be taught to play an instrument or dance group,” said Grant.

Friends of the Alger are holding a fundraiser to become ADA compliant.

If you would like to donate to the revitalization of the Alger Theater, visit: