Congress passes package of bills mainly focuses on gun control

Posted at 6:06 AM, Jun 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-09 06:06:01-04

(WXYZ) — Late last night, Congress passed a package of bills, largely along party lines, that focused mainly on gun control.

Democrat congresswoman Elissa Slotkin of Michigan proposed one of the bills in the package.

Her bill deals with safe storage and would require gun owners to secure their guns.

Her bill also would include a 5-year prison sentence if a child were to use an unsecured gun and commit a crime with it.

This all comes in light of the Oxford High School shooting.

"This isn't about whether someone gets to own a gun or not, it's about responsible gun ownership," Slotkin said.

Only five Republicans voted in favor of the Protect Our Kids Act. Michigan Representative Lisa McClain voted no on the package.

Her argument was to focus on the mental health aspect.

"The guns aren't the problem. The people behind the guns are the problem," McClain said.

There will be an uphill battle in the Senate as a small group of bipartisan lawmakers are negotiating. But how much gun reform will actually make it through remains to be seen.

"Compromise is the way we move the needle and sometimes neither side wants to hear it but that's what's needed right now," Slotkin said.

Oxford High Schooler Dylan Morris is the executive director of a newly found non-profit founded by Oxford Students called "No Future Without Today." These students are calling for sensible gun reform.

"It's all about finding these solutions to prevent these tragedies that were seen in Oxford, Parkland, and Uvalde from happening again," Morris said.

A rally for gun reform is happening this Saturday. The march will begin in downtown Oxford and end at Oxford High School.