Ask Dr. Nandi: Trump suggests 'injection' of disinfectant to beat coronavirus and 'clean' the lungs

Posted at 6:08 PM, Apr 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-24 19:36:43-04

(WXYZ) — New research suggests that the coronavirus can be destroyed by sunlight. After the info was presented to President Trump, he suggested that ultraviolet or very powerful light could somehow be used on an infected person to kill the virus inside.

It appears that President Trump’s comments came after a presentation by the Department of Homeland Security's science and technology division. Their research showed that the virus dies quickly in direct sunlight and that solar light can kill it on surfaces and also in the air. And this is positive news as we head into warmer weather.

But, we do have to be very careful when it comes to ultraviolet light. If we’re exposed to too much of it, it can lead to cancer. Plus, this research did not include how light would affect the virus inside people’s bodies, only how it affected the virus on surfaces and in the air.

It is possible that the summer heat could have an impact on the virus’ spread. It’s possible that it might transmit less efficiently.

But as we all know, it’s extremely contagious and it’s continued to infect people in other countries with warmer weather.

Instead, I would recommend that we continue following the current prevention steps as these have made an impact on Michigan’s coronavirus case numbers.

We have to be very careful when speculating or speaking about any type of imaginable “cure” because some people are so scared about the coronavirus that sometimes they don’t make the best decisions.

So let me be very clear, under no circumstances should anyone ever try to inject disinfectants into their body. And by disinfectants, I mean any kind of common household cleaners, like bleach or products containing isopropyl alcohol. Because to be frank, they can kill you. Even small amounts of it.

So concerning is this that the maker of Lysol released a statement, saying that “under no circumstance should disinfectant products be administered into the human body”.

So please don’t inject it, don’t drink it, don’t spray it on your skin or attempt any other route to get it into your body. Use disinfectants only on surfaces, where they are very effective at killing germs. But please read and follow the directions on the product’s label first before using it.

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