Clawson teacher shares outlook on the possibility of receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Posted at 11:41 AM, Jan 14, 2021

CLAWSON, Mich. — As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout moves forward in communities across Metro Detroit, teachers are among those eligible to receive it.

Kathleen Keyes, who teaches in Clawson, says she's nervous, excited but mostly hopeful about receiving the vaccine soon. She's one of hundreds of thousands of eligible people signing up to receive what the county describes as a limited supply.

"I was definitely surprised that it was opened up to teachers in the county so quickly, but I was of course happy about it. Just because I'm a younger individual and not a person that has any kind of medical situation," Keyes explained.

During this pandemic, Keyes says going between virtual and in-person learning, as well as a hybrid model has been a challenge for students and teachers.

"Thankfully, every time we've gone back to in-person learning my district has made us feel super safe, given us everything we needed to feel safe, clean, help the students be safe as well. So I've never had any worries about that," she said.

But Keyes says being vaccinated will help keep her students and ultimately their families be safe. She's managed to get on the county's schedule to receive both doses.

Right now, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services currently allows healthcare workers, people 65 and older, and frontline essential workers to receive the vaccine.

As of Wednesday, Oakland County says it's received 7,800 doses, administered 5,600 vaccines, and scheduled more than 17,000 (first- and second-dose) appointments through the end of next month.

"What I ultimately hope to see is a safe, complete return to school. But regardless of if we can return in-person or if we stay virtual I just hope that I can do what I can to reach out to students and their families and make sure that we all still feel connected," Keyes said.

The county asks people to remain patient since there is a high demand for the vaccine. Those eligible and interested in signing up are asked to use this Save Your Spot link.