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Dearborn pharmacy preparing to offer Pfizer vaccine for kids ages 12-15

Posted at 10:40 PM, May 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-09 22:40:20-04

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) — This week, the FDA is expected to authorize emergency use of the Pfizer vaccine for kids between the ages of12-15 in the United States. Vaccine providers are getting ready for the moment to come, and many parents are anxious to get their child a shot.

“It's been very nerve racking, sleepless nights, very stressful in the household,” said Rana Kaddouh.

For parents like Kaddouh, this pandemic has been anything but easy knowing her young daughter is considered high risk for COVID-19.

“She’s tracheostomy dependent and she has an underlying neuromuscular disease," Kaddouh said. "So something like COVID would be detrimental to her health.”

While there are vaccines available that could protect her, they’re not yet authorized for kids her age. However in the next few days, the FDA is expected to authorize the Pfizer vaccine for kids ages 12-15.

"If the FDA decides to issue this, it's because they've looked with great care at the data, and concluded that this is entirely safe and effective,” said Director of the National Institutes of Health Dr. Francis Collins.

At ages 7-8, Kaddouh’s kids would still have to wait. But as the owner of Dearborn Pharmacy and Apothecary, she’s helping other eager parents by opening appointments for 12-15-year-olds as soon as this week. Within hours of going online, she was booked through May and June.

“Our pre booking service booked up overnight," Kaddouh said. "I've had several parents reach out to me inquiring about how they can get their child in sooner than later.”

Kaddouh still can’t administer the vaccine to those kids yet, but she hopes the appointments give their parents piece of mind, knowing their kids have a vaccine waiting for them. She's hoping her kids are soon to follow.

“Hopefully come September when she’s eligible, her and my son ages seven and eight, Iwant them to be the first ones,” Kaddouh said.

Kaddouh says she will accommodate those who have appointments before the authorization happens.