Protestors gather in Lansing for 'Judgment Day' rally against stay-home order

Michigan Capitol Building
Posted at 4:59 AM, May 14, 2020

(WXYZ) — Another protest is planned in Lansing today again over the governor’s extended stay-at-home order.


This comes two weeks after Michigan made national headlines, when armed protesters gathered inside the state capitol.

Unlike two weeks ago, the legislature is not in session today, so protesters – armed or not – won’t have access to inside the capitol. One of the event’s organizers says he’ll be wearing a mask and following the rules, but plans to make his voice heard.

“This is the most extreme government overreach I've seen in my lifetime."

Adam de Angeli will join other protesters Thursday in Lansing over Gov. Whitmer’s stay-at-home order, in place until May 28.

The rally is organized by a group called Michigan United for Liberty, and according to its website, nearly 800 people are planning to attend.

"I don't want to see people congregate period," said the governor. "We know that contributes the spread. But, if people are going to come down and congregate, do it in a responsible way."

Michigan State Police are reminding protesters that while Michigan is an open carry state those seen brandishing a gun, will face consequences.

“You can't stand there with your finger above it indexing is what we call it in law enforcement or yell at somebody or possibly be involved with an assault with somebody," said MSP. "We’re going to take action against that.”

A planned protest two weeks ago — with armed protesters inside the capitol building— prompted the capitol commission to look into the issue of firearms within the capitol.

Attorney general Dana Nessel says the commission has the authority to ban guns from the capitol — a vote on the matter has been delayed, as a committee further studies it.

De Angeli says he’ll be following the rules, while speaking out.

“Political dissent has been the bedrock of our society for generations.”

“Never in American history has the government ordered everybody to stay in their homes.”

MSP is encouraging those protesters to wear masks and follow social distancing.

The protest, which organizers are calling “Judgment Day” begins at 9 a.m.

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