County road crews across southeast Michigan prepare for the seasons biggest winter storm yet

snow crew
Posted at 6:24 AM, Feb 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-01 06:43:04-05

(WXYZ) — The city of Detroit has 1,800 miles of city streets to plow. Five contractors do the residential and side streets. The budget for them just this week is $620,000.

Once the snow is over, they have 24 hours to finish their district or they face penalties.

But they won't hold them to that strict 24-hour rule because of the nearly 7,000 speed humps the city installed.

"Contractors last year were penalized for not getting the job done. 2 contractors had districts reduced," Public Works Director Ron Brundidge said.

The city of Detroit has 30 drivers less than last year and less than 5 drivers out with COVID but are confident they will get all the streets done.

Over in Oakland County, the trucks are ready to roll. Drivers will be working longer shifts to get the job done and office workers with CDL will also step up into the trucks to give a hand.

But at times expects some snow to build up on the roads, slow down, and give the plows space to work.

"Even though we have all people and equipment out, there will be times when roads are snow-covered, and we ask for the motorist's patience during those times," Road Commission for Oakland County Craig Bryson said.

In Macomb County, they're preparing the best they can.

Drivers will be working in two shifts and driving 16 hour days. They'll also have private contractors plowing the sub-divisions.

They're short drivers but say they can handle it.

"A little bit stressed, quite a bit of anxiety here depending on what comes our way," Macomb County Department of Roads maintenance supervisor Leo Ciavatta said.