Dangerous mishap when woman glues an eye shut with what she thought were eye drops

Posted at 7:25 PM, Apr 19, 2021

REDFORD (WXYZ) — Yacedrah Williams is thankful her vision wasn't permanently damaged after a terrifying ordeal Thursday when she accidentally grabbed a small bottle of glue used to repair broken fingernails instead of eye drops.

The small bottle of eye drops is about the same size as the one containing nail glue. And both bottles were in her purse when she woke up around 1 am to take her contact lens out.

Still a bit groggy from waking up, Williams accidentally grabbed the nail glue. She tipped her head back and it was only after the clear liquid had formed a drop that was about to fall did Williams realize the bottle was not the right color, but it was too late.

"I tried to wipe it away and it sealed my eye shut," said Williams who began yelling for her husband, Derrick, to wake up and call 911.

"She went into a panic," he said. "I tried to keep her from panicking but then I said, 'Derrick, this is in her eye not yours.'"

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