Detroit business receives the city's first recreational marijuana license

Posted at 6:41 AM, Jun 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-07 11:02:58-04

(WXYZ) — After more than two years of waiting the city of Detroit has finally awarded its first recreational marijuana business license.

Doghouse Farms located on the city's east side was awarded the first recreational license to grow marijuana in city limits for recreational use.

The marijuana cultivator opened up in 2019 when the state legalized marijuana for recreational use. The owners spent more than $4 million on the 25,000 square foot space in hopes that the city would let them operate.

But after 15 months of producing medical-only cannabis, they finally got the green light for recreational sales.

"Just recently we were able to apply and get the first adult-use license in the city of Detroit so we applied and got two adult-use licenses," Doghouse Farms CEO Eric Slutzky said.

Each recreational license allows cultivators like Doghouse to have up to 2,000 plants. That's on top of their three Class C medical licenses which allow them to grow up to 4,500 plants.

"We were ready as soon as the application went live," Slutzky said. "But the city actually made it pretty quick and painless. I could only hope they could do the same soon enough for all of the license types."

While Doghouse Farms was the first to be granted the recreational license in the city of Detroit, there have been multiple lawsuits filed by other marijuana retailers like the House of Dank and Jars Cannabis against the city of Detroit for the framework of legally growing and selling recreational marijuana.

One man says the city messed up by waiting too long in issuing these recreational licenses.

"All the medical places that can't sell rec right now. All the places that built up and they've closed down because they can't operate. Detroit messed up big time."

Another man says it's about time that recreational growing has become legalized in the city and would like to see more operators get the license.

"I honestly think that it's a great idea. I think with it able to be taxed and everything like that I think it's going to do great wonders for the city of Detroit."

While Doghouse Farms was just for medicinal purposes, now with their new license you can expect their product to hit shelves in the coming weeks.