Dexter school bus driver runs over wounded deer to 'end its suffering' while students watched

Posted at 5:51 PM, Nov 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-09 18:47:36-05

Firearm hunting season in Michigan opens next week. We are told don't swerve on the road for deer, and now, the small town of Dexter is talking all about one of their school bus drivers who deliberately ran over an injured deer with children watching.

The school district put out a statement saying that the deer had been hit and was gravely injured. That's when the bus driver decided to run it over on purpose to "end its suffering."

According to the district, the deer was hit on the main road and then limped to the parking area while the busses were unloading.

In an email to parents, Dexter Community Schools said:

"Dear Dexter Families,

Some days, small-town living presents unusual challenges. Today is one of those. We are writing to let you know about an incident you may hear about from your students or neighbors.

Today during morning arrival, a deer was struck by a private vehicle and injured on Dan Hoey Road near the Dexter Community Schools Bus Hub. The seriously wounded animal entered the Bus Hub where students were being dropped off for school. In an attempt to quickly put the suffering animal out of its pain, a member of our transportation team instinctively drove over the deer to end its suffering. Members of our Buildings and Grounds team quickly disposed of the remains. Regrettably, some students witnessed one or more of these unfortunate events this morning. All students are safe.

The decision to drive over the animal in the presence of children is absolutely not a course of action we condone and we greatly regret that it happened. We understand that this situation is likely to be quite upsetting for some students, parents, and staff who witnessed or heard about it. However, we hope that everyone concerned can understand that the driver made a very human mistake out of compassion for the animal. We have addressed the situation with our staff."

Officials aren't saying whether disciplinary actions were taken.