Dozens rally in Hart Plaza after Ukrainian children's hospital bombed by Russia

Posted at 11:58 PM, Jul 08, 2024

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Several dozen people rallied in downtown Detroit Monday night in response to a deadly bombing in Ukraine. According to international reports, Russia targeted a children's hospital and apartment buildings.

The attack killed 36 people and injured 154 others.


With the amount of time that has passed since this conflict began, some people feel the world has started to forget. Those who rallied at Hart Plaza are calling for action from powerful entities like the United States and NATO.

“The world need to unite because this is like Hitler. This is a big enemy, which is not gonna stop,” Andriy Zahaiko, the rally organizer, told 7 News Detroit.

Oleksandr Kanievskyi said, "I passed that place like almost all the time.”

He gets choked up thinking about the bombing and all of the innocent young lives lost. He said he used to drive by that hospital every single day on his way to work.

Kanievskyi and his wife, Annazelenska, moved to the U.S. from Kyiv, the capital city, five years ago. That's where their loved ones still reside.

She said their daughter is unable to visit relatives in their homeland because it’s too unsafe.

“You just pray about your family will be alive," Annazelenska Kanievskyi said.

Jim Kinnaird's wife Lillia is from Ukraine. Her son lives in Kyiv, not far from where the bombing occurred.

“America needs to stiffen its spine, support our friends and see that this kind of thing never happens again," he said.

“Killing children. Killing innocent civilians. Killing children that were in a hospital, some in a cancer ward, it’s unforgivable. It’s true terrorism. It’s pure, pure evil, and this kind of terrorism has to be punished,” Kinnaird continued.

Zahaiko said, “What U.S. can help Ukraine to build the shield like they did help the Israel.”

If you’d like to help the people of Ukraine, a website has been created that can be found here.