Family calls for justice for 1-year-old beaten to death & his twin brother

Posted at 6:04 PM, Sep 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-04 18:04:52-04

ECORSE, Mich. (WXYZ)  — In late July, Ecorse Police responded to a horrifying scene of child abuse. They found one-year-old twins severely beaten.

The little boys were rushed to the hospital where Zyaire died and Zion was in critical condition.

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One of the aunts of those little boys spoke to WXYZ on Friday, updating us on what she knows about the condition of the little boy who survived.

“It has been amazing to watch how resilient he is,” said Jennifer Reed, an aunt of twins

Zion is healing and in the custody of extended family members. Because he is so young, it is unclear what long-lasting impact what happened to him will have. She says she has received pictures of him smiling, but knows he is hurting.

“He lost his brother and that was his twin,” she said.

She is concerned about whether he will get the justice he deserves.

“We are not getting the justice we need to get,” said Jennifer Reed.

Ecorse Police tell 7 Action News that the twins’ mom Lisa Reed allowed a boyfriend just released from prison to move in with her and her little boys at the Renaissance Estates Apartment Complex in May.

Jennifer says her sister is disabled, has at times been found mentally incompetent by judges and as a result of that lost custody of two older children.

However Jennifer says her sister never physically abused her children. She believes the boyfriend is responsible.

“The babies up until May 8th, when he was released from prison for COVID, never had a scratch or a mark on them,” said Jennifer.

The twins' mom Lisa Reed is charged with first degree child abuse, but no one is charged with Zyaire’s murder.

The boyfriend is not charged in connection to this investigation, but police have called him a suspect. He is in prison for a parole violation for now, but according to the Michigan Department of Corrections website could be due to be released in mid-October.

“Now we’re five weeks away from when this monster could get out of prison,” said Jennifer.

Police tell 7 Action News the medical examiner is waiting for the results of a test that helps create a timeline of brain injuries in babies. They are hoping the results are available in the coming week and lead to charges.

The family of these innocent little boys believes they know who is responsible.

“What he did to those babies makes me lose sleep. I have nightmares. I am sick. To think that he would get out…. This is not okay. These charges need to come about sooner than later,” said Reed.

WXYZ reached out to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office for comment. We received a statement saying, "There is a homicide investigation that is in progress. We have requested other investigatory work from the police. There is very little specific information that I can provide to you. I can say that there is forensic information that we are waiting for. The further investigation when we receive it will determine who and what type of charging decisions will be made."