Ford says Focus Active won't be built in US, despite President Trump's tweet

Posted at 4:46 PM, Sep 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-10 19:18:43-04

Ford Motor Company is pushing back against the President following a recent tweet suggesting new tariffs will make it possible for the Ford Focus Active to be built in the U.S. 

Ford says despite what the president is tweeting, you’ll soon no longer be able to purchase vehicles like the Focus sedan. However, they will double down on the Mustang as well as other vehicles.

“People are able to get lower car insurance, improved fuel economy, and still have the room of an SUV with cross over vehicles” says Charles Cleavinger, who manages Tom Holzer Ford in Farmington Hills.

He adds, “Mustang is a unique vehicle. It’s own class being a sport vehicle itself.”

Recent controversy has swirled after the president took to Twitter and Ford responded by disputing his statement.

“The President seems to think you can make a car in any plant. It’s not that easy. Car sales are dropping like a rock. Last month they fell by 90,000 units. In the last two years by 2 million units,” says auto industry expert John McElroy. 

He says the focus of the company is now on hotter selling vehicles that turn a better profit. 

Yet, he adds, “They have got to make the point. We employ more Americans than any other car company in America. They’ve got to fight this battle.”

In the meantime, the Ford factory in Wayne, Michigan will soon build other vehicles. 

“In it’s place, its going to put the Ranger pickup in a super hot segment. Also, a new version of the Ford Bronco. What they’re doing shouldn’t cost jobs in the U.S,” McElroy said.

If you’d still like to buy a Focus, there are a few remaining at local dealerships. As for the Fusion, that will be phased out in 1-2 years, according to a dealer.