Fraternity house under review by EMU over sex assault allegations hosts party Saturday

Posted at 3:49 PM, Oct 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-12 10:18:52-04

(WXYZ) — Caught on camera, another bash at an Eastern Michigan University fraternity house amid a review by the school for alleged sexual assaults.

EMU is now refusing to talk on camera about their review of two fraternities, following sex assault allegations. They’re also declining to do an interview about the partying we’re exposing.

"The fraternities that are in question know they are under review, they know they are under a microscope right now. They are not inclined to hold events, to hold parties," said Walter Kraft, EMU spokesperson, last month.

Danny Miller, the senior director of prevention & accountability for Alpha Sigma Phi said the fraternity received no messaging from the university about not having parties.

Miller said that all student organizations at EMU can host events as long as they follow university policy

.Miller also said that the university never told them the review was regarding sexual assaults.

"The information they requested from us had nothing to do with any allegations of sexual assault," he wrote.

Kraft was adamant in September, saying the parties were over for two fraternity houses under review for sex assault allegations.

But video from Saturday at 10 p.m. suggests otherwise. In the video, you see a packed house with people gathering outside on the porch, drinking and smoking, fueled by a flyer promoting the party at Alpha Sigma Phi on social media.

"It definitely worries me, because it shows the fraternity doesn’t care what’s going on, and they still continue to do what they’re doing,” said Charlotte Trim, survivor.

Students who say they are survivors of sex assault while attending EMU call the images a disgrace, a sign of broken promises by a fraternity and the university.

"It makes me feel unsafe and unsafe for those people at the party,” said Harley Lantz, survivor.

"It kind of scares me that the fraternity can still have these parties and more things can happen out here,” said Trim.

Along with survivors, our footage caught the attention of Congresswoman Debbie Dingell.

“I’m just worried about men and women being safe on that campus,” said Congresswoman Dingell.

The university maintains student safety is a top priority and it’s why they put Delta Tau Delta and Alpha Sigma Phi under review in the wake of alleged rapes that date back years and cases being pursued in both criminal and civil court.

Miller said that the national chapter withdrew recognition from the university and said they were forced to make the decision.

"The last 10 months have shown that the university has not supported our chapter and has no intention to do so," Miller wrote in an email to the fraternity members

At this point, more than 2 dozen alleged victims have come forward. In part of an emailed statement to us, EMU says:

"Rather than participate in the University’s review of its policies and practices, and adhere to required protocols for affiliation with EMU, the local Alpha Sigma Phi (ASP) chapter informed EMU last week of its decision to disassociate from the University. Therefore, the fraternity is no longer a recognized EMU student organization. 

While we remain deeply concerned about its activities, ASP's decision to disassociate eliminates the University's ability to provide oversight and to directly intervene in its operations because ASP is no longer affiliated with the University. We have heard reports that the fraternity may have engaged in a party over the weekend. We did not receive any notice of police calls or other complaints associated with the fraternity, but nevertheless these reports are troubling. 

It is clear from the fraternity's actions and decisions that the leadership of ASP and its members no longer elect to abide by University standards and guidelines for student groups. People who are concerned about ASP's operations should contact the national headquarters of Alpha Sigma Phi to voice those concerns or, if they observe illegal activity, contact 911.

ASP's decision to disassociate from the University also removes for ASP the many benefits that registered student organizations receive. For example, as a disassociated organization, ASP is:

  • No longer permitted to use the name, logo, or any other trademark of EMU or fraternity & sorority life, nor obtain any organization support from the University including its student recruitment activities (i.e., “rush” events), nor may it use for free any office space, meeting rooms, auditoriums, or other University spaces; and
  • No longer eligible for University funding, and may not participate in student organization fairs, workshops, training sessions, or on campus fundraisers; and may not use EMU promotional resources.

The other fraternity named in the University’s review, Delta Tau Delta, has complied with and participated in the review process to date. We are moving forward vigorously and hope to have additional information to share on the status of the review in the next few weeks. We must follow University processes and procedures in completing this review, which may take a little longer than people wish. It is our utmost priority to complete it and report the outcome and determinations. "