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Grant Me Hope: Gennevieve likes soccer, swimming, singing, animals, and board games

Posted at 12:35 PM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 12:35:36-04

“My name is Gennevieve but I go by the name Evie (Ee-vee),” said the sixth grader who is currently in foster care in Michigan.

She’s hoping someone will adopt her soon.

“I’m kind, and I’m sassy. ‘Work it giiiiirl!’ she exclaimed with a sweeping left arm snap into the air.

She’ll break out into current pop songs with exuberance.

Besides her love of music, she also stays busy with many other activities.

“I like to play outside. I like to go swimming. I like to play video games, and I like to play soccer and sports like baseball,” she said.

She thrives academically – performing above grade level.

Math and spelling are her favorite subjects.

When she grows up, she’d like to become a police officer or a veterinarian.

She could also see herself running a day care center.

“I love animals and I love the earth,” she said warmly.

Minecraft is her favorite video game, and the Fast and Furious series is her go-to movie franchise.

She hopes her future family will enjoy playing cards and board games -- like Monopoly --and visiting amusement parks like Michigan Adventures.

“I want to go to Cedar Point one day,” she said wistfully.

More than anything, she’d like to share her interests with a family who will open their hearts to her.

“I want a Mom and a Dad, and I want either a baby brother or a baby sister. And I want to have chickens and a cow, and I want a hammock and I want to live in Grand Rapids,” she said with a smile.

“I want them to be kind and respectful, and I want them to be fun to be around,” she added.

“I want to be adopted because one day when I have kids when I grow up, they’ll have a grandma and a grandpa,” she said softly.

If you’d like to learn more about adopting or fostering Gennevieve – a.k.a. Evie – click here.

If you’d like to talk with an Adoption Navigator to learn more about adopting or fostering Evie, please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at (800)589-6273.

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