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Grant Me Hope: Rocky likes the outdoors, sports, video games, and dogs

Posted at 1:17 PM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-17 13:02:34-05

Venturing into the great outdoors is one of Rocky’s favorite things. The foster child is adventurous.

“I like to fish, and I like to hunt – mainly small game. I like to catch anything and everything,” said the 15-year-old.

He enjoys all kinds of activities including exploring, sledding, fishing, hunting, and playing with airsoft guns or Nerf guns.

He hopes his future family will want to share in some of those experiences.

Rocky has been waiting for a family to adopt him since May of 2014.

He hopes his future Mom and Dad also like to play board games and card games.

His favorite card game is “Magic: The Gathering.”

“My favorite video game is Call of Duty, and my favorite TV show is “Love & Hip Hop,” he explained.

Like many teen boys, he loves watching and playing sports.

“I’ve always like football, but I always grew up playing basketball,” he said. “I usually play basketball when I’m not playing football.”

He’s a good student who enjoys learning.

“I like science because I get to learn more stuff, and I like math because I like numbers,” he explained.

When it comes to food, he has his favorites for sure!

“I like lasagna. I like pizza. I bake cookies every now and then,” said Rocky.

Taking a trip abroad is on his wish list.

“Whenever I go on vacation, I’d like to go to Jamaica. I don’t know. It just sounds nice. I guess I like the waterfalls,” he explained.

He’s also a big animal lover.

“I like dogs, German Shepherds,” he said smiling.

When it comes to his personality, he describes himself as a good friend.

“I’m nice, I’m caring, and I’m very loyal,” said Rocky. “I like everyone as long as they’re being respectful.”

He is looking forward to the day when he has a parent -- or parents -- to call his own.

“What adoption means to me is that I get a family with or without siblings and we get along,” Rocky said.

“I’d like a Mom and a Dad and older and younger siblings – mainly just older or the same age,” he said.

And then he paused before adding, “It don’t matter just as long as I can go for a long walk [with them.]”

“I’m nice and loving, and I’d appreciate if you’d think about adopting me.”

If you’d like to adopt Rocky or learn more about him, please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchangeat (800)589-6273.

You can read more about Rocky HERE.

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