'He was everybody's keeper, but he was also part of this neighborhood.' Neighbors remember Sheriff Benny Napoleon

Benny Napoleon
Posted at 11:24 PM, Dec 18, 2020

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Neighbors of the late Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon are mourning his death after battling COVID-19.

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Norma Wright has lived near Napoleon for decades and she struggles to process the sudden loss.

"He was everybody's keeper, but he was also part of this neighborhood," said Wright.

He would participate in community meetings, events, and the former preacher's kid would speak from the pulpit at the nearby church when invited.

Wright recalls a string of break-ins and a promise from Napoleon that they would catch the perpetrators.

"We saw them on TV," Wright said. "They got them!"

She chuckles while recalling another memory involving Napoleon after her lawn care service was delayed. The two not only shared a close bond but also the same lawncare person for years.

"He [lawncare worker] said, 'I got to go do Benny,' I can't get you tomorrow. I said, okay when you get a chance," said Wright.

She said he provided the historic Aviation subdivision with a sense of security.

"He will always be missed," Wright said, "He did so many things for people."

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