How to fight off mold in your home during humid summer months

Posted at 6:55 AM, Jul 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-03 13:17:19-04

(WXYZ) — All the rain and the humidity means an increased chance for mold growing in your home.

Al David with Emergency Restoration out of Troy has been keeping busy these last few weeks, receiving calls for mold removal. He says part of the issues is overflowing storm drains in basements.

“The water has no place to go, and you see a lot of the city trucks out on the road and the guys are working hard to pump the water out,” said David.

That water can turn into mold which can play a big role in your health.

“Respiratory, we deal a lot with asthmatic conditions that bring into a pulmonary affect as well as heart conditions, stress, things of that nature that create an environment for someone that's consistently having problems breathing,” said Tyler Lenling, Vice President of TEK, where they test mold.

David says getting rid of the mold can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Here’s how you can prevent mold from growing in the first place:

  • Check your basement and attic for mold. David recommends walking around bare foot to see if you can feel for moisture, but says don’t do that if you believe it is a sewage problem.
  • When looking for issues, make sure to check around cracks within the basement and along windows to make sure water is not seeping in.
  • Other areas where mold can develop is near sump pumps, storm drains in basements and in the attic where the roof can leak.
  • Check appliances within your home, including behind the refrigerator, under the dishwasher and below the sink.
  • David warns people against using bleach to treat mold, saying that it just takes the color out of the mold and does not always kill the mold.