'I'm appalled.' Flint activist says charges against ex-Michigan Governor Rick Snyder do not go far enough

Claudia Perkins-Milton
Posted at 9:14 AM, Jan 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-14 13:48:44-05

(WXYZ) — Former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is facing two counts of willful neglect of duty following an investigation into the Flint water crisis.


"For the people of Flint, this has been years and they do deserve complete justice," said Dr. Pamela Pugh, former Flint health director.

Snyder is the first Michigan governor charged with a crime in office in the state's history.

Back in 2014, Snyder and his team ordered Flint to switch off Detroit water to the Flint River to save money. Residents' water supply became more corrosive and caused lead poisoning and later, an outbreak of legionnaires disease, killing several people.

Following public revelation of the Flint river's contamination, Dr. Pugh volunteered to document residents' concerns and demands, and served as Flint's public health advisor.

"People still need help today. It's being touted that Flint is being offered the greatest or the largest settlement in Michigan's history, it still does not pay for... the lives lost," said Dr. Pugh.

Claudia Perkins-Milton, an activist and water warrior, says the charges against Snyder don't go far enough.

"All this time and that's the best they can come up with? I'm appalled. This is ridiculous. This man was supposed to be the guardian, an overseer for the state of Michigan. That was his responsibility. His oath to office, and he's willfully neglected his job responsibilities," said Perkins-Milton.