Indoor entertainment venues allowed to reopen but no food or beverages can be sold on premises

Posted at 7:02 PM, Dec 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-21 19:02:23-05

FARMINGTON (WXYZ) — "We're delighted to be reopening now," said Paul Glantz of Emagine Entertainment about being allowed to reopen their movie theaters just before Christmas when the industry traditionally sees a surge in attendance.

"We think it's important to demonstrate to folks that we can operate safely," Glantz said. "We want to get folks back in theaters and show them how lovely it us and let them recall just what a terrific experience it is to be part of a congregate activity."

Under Michigan's latest epidemic order, indoor entertainment venues where customers can remain masked and socially distanced from others who are not in their household were allowed to reopen.

The venues reopening include casinos, bowling alleys, and movie theaters, but food and beverages cannot be sold or consumed on the premises.

When bowling alleys and movie theaters could not operate as such, they were allowed to sell concession items to go.

Scott Freeman, General Manager of the Farmington Civic Theater, hopes state officials will consider adjusting the order to allow them to sell concession items to customers who on their way out or to people who just want to come in and purchase some popcorn or candy to go.

"I think it's an oversight that this was prohibited," said Freeman. "You can go get a pizza or sandwich, or any restaurant to go. You walk in the building to pick it up and go and that's been happening for a long time and there's been no issues with that.

"I think there might be a few other movie theaters that might bring this up and ask for some relief, and maybe modify the language a bit," he said. "I think it would be very helpful, especially for the smaller businesses like ours."