Josiah, a 14-year-old foster child hoping to be adopted: “I like a family that cares for me and loves me.”

Posted at 12:15 PM, May 13, 2021
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DETROIT (WXYZ) — Hello, Milwaukee Bucks! You’ve got a fan in 14-year-old Josiah – a ninth grade basketball lover who is currently in foster care and eligible to be adopted.

“One wish would be, be in the NBA and play with the Milwaukee Bucks. That's what my one wish would be,” said Josiah.

“The sports I like is basketball, football, and soccer. I like the Milwaukee Bucks because they have Giannis Antetokounmpo, and they are a good team. My dream is probably to be a basketball player, hopefully. I want to go to Wisconsin because I want to see one of the basketball games with Milwaukee,” he added.

He describes himself as a friendly guy with a lot of friends. And he likes a lot of the activities boys his age often enjoy.

“I like watching TV. I like playing video games, Madden and 2K. My favorite show is Shameless,” Josiah said.

He likes hanging out at the mall with his friends and listening to music.

His favorite subject in school is math.

“It's fun. It's fun adding up the equations,” he said.

He’s also a creative soul who enjoys putting pen or pencil to paper.

“I just want to do art in trade school. I like art because you can draw whatever you're thinking of, imagine, learn more about the basics and all the other stuff about it,” said Josiah.

“I like to draw people and I like to draw Naruto. It's a show. Basically, it's anime. They're ninjas and they fight. I like to draw the characters because it's fun, and it's kind of hard, kind of easy, because you can learn a whole bunch of stuff about it,” he said.

He’d be excited to live with a family that had one son who’s older and a dog or a bird.

“I just want a pet bird -- a parrot, so I can teach him what to say, just random words,” he chuckled.

He dreams about what it would be like with an adoptive family.

“What I like to do with my family, whatever they like to do. I like a family that cares for me and loves me,” Josiah said.

Josiah has been waiting to be adopted since December of 2019.

A worker through the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange explained that a two-parent forever family would be a good fit for Josiah, and he’d probably do best as the youngest child in his new family.

If you’d like to learn more about Josiah, click here.

If you’d like to adopt Josiah, call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at (800)589-6273.

If you’re not able to adopt, you can still help!

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