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Wyandotte police veteran accused of stealing sandwich from fellow officer

The 11-year veteran is a decorated officer in the K9 unit
Posted at 11:30 AM, Jan 22, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-23 15:47:31-05

WYANDOTTE, Mich. (WXYZ) — Nearly 40 officers serve the Wyandotte Police Department, upholding the law to the T. But now, one of their very own is being accused of a deplorable act.

"It's usually not something another officer would do," said Officer Cade Barwig with the Wyandotte Police Department.

Officer Barwig has been on the force for five years. The 28-year-old says the incident happened in the breakroom during lunchtime.

"I get out my lunchbox, get my sandwich out, have one or two bites of it," said Officer Barwig.

Just as he took another bite of his sandwich, Officer Barwig was called to assist with an unruly prisoner. Upon his return, he was shocked to see his salami muenster sandwich was gone.

"Then I realized officer Ice was here, and I kinda knew that was his track record," said Officer Barwig.

Officer Ice has been on the K9 unit for 11 years. The German Shepard is a decorated cop who has assisted several federal agencies. Sgt. Ken Groat says Ice also has hundreds of drug busts under his belt.

"He found over a kilo of heroin in a wall in a house in Detroit. Found stolen car suspects that fled. He has found multiple people hiding," said Sgt. Groat, detective with the Wyandotte Police Department.

The Wyandotte Police Department posted about the incident on social media, noting Officer Ice has pleaded the fifth and the department requested public opinion on the matter. The post has since gone viral with thousands of likes and over 8000 shares. Lt. Neil Hunter says folks believe Officer Ice is being framed.

"It's his face; everybody says the face says it all. He is innocent. He's got a handsome face, and he couldn't do something this heinous," said Lt. Neil Hunter.

Now, Officer Ice receives treats and toys from Michigan and around the world. He also receives his own sandwich from a local deli.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Groat, who is investigating the case, says there is no evidence that Officer Ice stole a fellow officer's sandwich, and prior allegations were never proven.

"The public spoke, his attorneys have spoken, several of them, more attorneys than most defendants have. And He has been cleared of all charges, and he his is back to work," said Sgt. Groat.

However, for Officer Barwig, justice may never be served.

"Usually, I'm the one taking the statements from people or asking them what was taken and instead of being the victim and knowing that you may never get that item back, or even food back," said Officer Barwig.

As for Officer Barwig, will he ever be over this incident?

"Yeah, I forgive him. He has done a lot of good for the city. And maybe he deserves a sandwich. Maybe not my sandwich, but maybe a sandwich," said Officer Barwig.