Faraz Javed joined WXYZ in 2021 as a broadcast journalist. Since then, he has covered breaking news and political stories as well as highlighted important issues impacting southeast Michigan. In addition to several awards and accolades, Faraz continues to win hearts across Metro Detroit with his warmth, enthusiasm, and compassion.

Faraz brings a fresh perspective to local news, having been born and raised in Dubai, UAE, and working over 15 years in the broadcast industry before landing in Michigan. His extensive television, movie, radio, and internet experience, coupled with his international background, shape the lens through which he views what's happening here in our community.

After completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Buffalo in New York, Faraz began his broadcast career at MTV, rising through the ranks in New York and then at Dubai Media Inc channels in the UAE. Faraz's extensive experience includes attending the Oscars, Golden Globes, and other international media events and interviewing more than 300 celebrities. He has worked and socialized with big names such as Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, and Idris Elba, and has been an integral part of the directing team on Hollywood blockbusters including "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" and "Star Trek Beyond."

In 2014, he transitioned into the newsroom, growing his career as a storyteller by applying his experience as an actor and filmmaker to give a creative edge to his work as a news reporter and producer. In addition to producing award-winning shows and news stories, he has also covered them on air as an anchor and reporter.

Off-air, and occasionally on-air as well, you can find Faraz trying all the craziest new CrossFit workouts or wrapped up in some Jiu-Jitsu sparring session. He is working towards earning his purple belt in the 10th Planet system and also aims to get his private pilot's license in the next few years. Another goal close to his heart is to establish a charitable foundation to help the underprivileged achieve greater opportunities.

Faraz is always eager to help people tell important stories. If you, or someone you know is facing a crisis/challenge/issue or needs their philanthropic initiatives highlighted, then please email him with your story at faraz.javed@wxyz.com

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