Man who shot, killed himself in Woodhaven Ford plant identified

Posted at 3:11 PM, Oct 20, 2017

A disgruntled employee shot and killed himself Friday morning at the Ford Stamping Plant in Woodhaven has been identified as 21-year-old Jacoby Hennings from Harper Woods.

The subject was employed as a temporary part-time employee.

A number of police agencies responded to the plant in what was first reported as an active shooting situation. The Woodhaven Deputy Police Chief said the employee came inside, a labor dispute ensued and the man presented a gun.

When police arrived to confront the suspect, the man shot and killed himself. No one else was injured in the incident.

“A disgruntled employee came in… there was a labor relation issue. At some point, he presented a gun. He did not fire at anybody. When the officers were called, as they were approaching the subject, he pulled a gun and killed himself,” said the Woodhaven Deputy Police Chief, Scott Fraczek.  

The bomb squad was called to the scene to investigate an unattended package near the suspect. That package was determined not to be a threat by the bomb squad.

All employees were evacuated during the police situation. Police went room to room to clear the facility to make sure there was not a secondary shooter.

Ford issued the following statement after the shooting:

Employees at Woodhaven Stamping Plant are safe after they were evacuated when a worker pulled a gun at the plant and shot himself. Woodhaven Police are on the scene.

Family members of employees arrived at the scene to make sure their loved ones were safe.

“Very scary. You can’t even freakin’ go to work anymore,” said the husband of an employee who showed up at the scene.  

An employee at the plant talked to 7 Action News by phone:

“My chest is hurting. I have a lot of responsibility. I got grandkids and everything. I don’t want to die like this,” Lenny Campbell said.

Lenny called his wife and she rushed to the scene. She was in shock while talking to him on the phone.

“He said don’t panic, there’s a gunman in the plant. I don’t even know if I took him seriously at that point. Then I just started shaking. I said ‘Oh My God’ what he’s telling me is true. He could hardly speak. He said his committee man came running through saying run, there’s a gunman in the plant.”

Multiple agencies worked together to secure the scene.

The name of the man who shot himself has not yet been released.