Meet the Bradley Bunch: Michigan family with quadruplets needs bigger home

Posted at 11:30 PM, Nov 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-01 10:26:43-05

Consider this a "four-warning" of cuteness overload.

A Michigan family grew rather quickly in a short amount of time. The Bradleys had quadruplets in June and went from three to seven. 

This family of seven is living in an 881-square foot home and it’s going to feel smaller when those eight tiny feet start walking.

When the Bradleys decided to add to their family, they were so thankful mom got pregnant after a history of complications, but they were shocked when the baby count was multiplied by four.

Mathew works at a gas station convenience store, Heather is a stay at home mom, 3-year-old Garrett is now big brother to 5-month-old quadruplets: Mason, Raelynn, Phillip and Emma.

To tell you the whole story, we’ll have to back up a bit to six years ago, when the Bradleys got married.

Heather was having trouble conceiving after Garrett was born due to polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition that affects her hormone levels so she doesn't ovulate normally. She also had two miscarriages. So, under doctor’s care she was taking medication that helped her ovulate more regularly. She became pregnant immediately. In January, she had an ultrasound and was stunned by the results.

“I see three heads in a line and I just …my body went cold and I was just…Oh my goodness, and then they’re…like there might be a fourth,” Heather explains her reaction.

 Well, dad had no idea. Garrett has an early development disability, and he was antsy, so they  ended up waiting in the car.

“She walks out, car’s running and everything. And she says, 'you need to put it in park, I got to tell you something,'" he recollects.

“We probably sat in the parking lot for 10 minutes. I was just sitting in the driver’s seat holding the steering wheel. All I can say is OK...That's all I could say. OK… OK,” he laughs.

Expecting quads was exciting and overwhelming. The immediate concern was space because before she got pregnant with the quads they bought their first home in Davison, MI. It’s an 881-square foot, two bedrooms-one bathroom -no basement house in the small community, north of Detroit.

The quads were born June 26th, 2017.

“They came out as Mason first, then it was Raelynn, Phillip, and finally Emma.”

The quads were all born at a healthy weight and only had to stay at U of M hospital for two weeks once they got home, the Bradleys had the routine down pat.

“You need a lot of help but they are such a joy. I absolutely just love these little faces,” said Heather as her smile lights up the room.

Even with all the daily chaos of them drinking over 20 bottles of formula a day, running the dishwasher twice a day and the never-ending diaper changes, the Bradley quadruplets now sleep through the night.

“I have people say, "Are you kidding me", I can't get one to sleep, and you got all four,” she brags.

Now comes the real concern: the house is getting smaller as the babies grow up.

“The house, the lack of space. You know, if we had had one child even twins, that would have been doable for the time being BUT having Garrett plus these guys, it's very cramped” said Heather.

The babies and all their stuff completely takes over the tiny living room, no room for big brother to play and just imagine once all four of these little legs start crawling…then walking!  

They're all unique, they're all individual, they have their own personality traits and everything. They're wonderful. They can be a handful at times because there is so many more of them then there is of you.” said Mathew.

Friends and family have started donating to help make this family’s dream of a bigger home come true.

“The house is the biggest concern as of right now. In the not too distant future, especially once the start being more mobile, space becomes a concern real quick,” according to dad.

If you want to follow along the quads Facebook page or if you care to help with their dream to expand their home donate to their GoFundMe