Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission to begin redistricting votes Tuesday

Posted at 8:23 AM, Dec 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-28 08:23:46-05

(WXYZ) — The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission is gearing up to meet Tuesday at 10 a.m. in Lansing to begin the final stage of new voting districts for the state at all levels of government.

Michigan’s redistricting maps process continues to be an issue for many, especially the African American community across Metro Detroit.

Many black voters say they feel that the currently proposed maps don’t represent them or the needs of their community.

Back in October, we spoke to Democratic Senator Adam Hollier who made it clear this is not about red or blue, it's about representing one of the largest black cities in the country.

"Black people make 14% of the state’s population and 12% of the legislators. Two-thirds of those members are from Detroit. If we decimate how black people get elected in this state. It will have far-reaching impact across the state," he said.

And republicans like Rocky Raczkowski don’t disagree.

"We are 100% behind the senator and his press conference because it's not about race, or color, or religion, it's about community of interest and that the law is followed," Raczkowski said.

The proposed new voting districts come after Detroit voters expressed their frustration with gerrymandering and took on the reigns to create districts that better represent Michiganders of this decade.

2021 is the year where for the first time, the map-drawing process is being handled by a 13-member independent citizens commission instead of politicians.

The 10 maps include three House and Senate as well as four congressional district maps.

The final vote on the voting maps is set to take place on December 30, but many still feel the commission hasn't heard their pleas to change the maps.

The commission meets today at 9 a.m. in Detroit to highlight once again the need for the Commission to adopt districts that represent Detroit’s communities.