Murder of Grosse Pointe Farms teen remains unsolved nearly a decade later

Posted at 7:39 AM, Jun 17, 2024

GROSSE POINTE FARMS, Mich. — The murder of a Grosse Pointe Farms teen still remains unsolved after nearly ten years.

16-year-old Paige Stalker was shot and killed when a gunman opened fire on a car that she and three others were sitting on the Detroit-Grosse Pointe Park border.

The motive of the shooting still remains unclear, and no arrests or charges have been announced.

The family now feels helpless and wants answers from the Prosecutor's Office, as her case is still cold.

"I feel helpless, that's why I contacted you guys," Avery Stalker, Paige's sister, told us.

For nearly ten years, the Stalker family has lived without answers as to who killed the 16-year-old Grosse Pointe Farms resident on December 22, 2014, just three days before Christmas.

Avery recalls the night her sister was killed.

"All of these family friends were there, and my Dad was there," Avery said. "It was just very unusual. My Mom and my sister, Madison, told me what happened and after that everything just became a blur."

And it was earlier that night when Paige was picked up by some friends, where they then ended up parked at the corner of Charlevoix and Philip, on the Detroit/Grosse Pointe Park border to smoke marijuana.

While they were sitting in the silver Mercury Milkan, another vehicle then pulled up and opened fire with an AK-47.

"There was a guy out there whose life had been threatened at the wow gas station on the east side and he went looking for revenge," retired Detroit Police Deputy Chief Steve Dolunt told us. "He was driving down the street and saw there car and thought it was the car of the individual that tried to kill him. They flipped around and lit up the car."

There were a total of 30 shell casins at the scene. The teens rushed to a nearby hospital in Grosse Pointe. Paige unfortunately was shot in the head and chest, succumbing to her injuries. The others were wounded, but survived.

Dolunt says this was a case of mistaken identity, and his department did everything right, including finding the weapon and killer.

"I think our homicide section did a very thorough job," Dolent told us. "They went back to the gas station and retrieved film, they eventually found the weapon, parts of the weapon in Ohio, identified a suspect i think they did everything by the book."

Dolunt says detectives submitted an investigate report to Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy's office.

"I was told the individual we identified as the suspect was incarcerated in ohio in a federal prison for a federal car jacking case," Dolunt said.

We reached out to the Prosecutor's Office for comment as to why the suspect was never charged, they sent us the following statement:

“The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office has worked diligently on Paige Stalker homicide warrant request. The case review has involved extensive work by prosecutors in this office over the years. Unfortunately, the warrant request was denied because there was insufficient evidence to support criminal charges. We need evidence that we can prove in court beyond a reasonable doubt. We have not had that here. Our staff has met with the family of Paige Stalker several times over the years, and it is understandable that they are extremely disappointed with this result. WCPO remains steadfast in our commitment to reviewing any new evidence in this case that is presented to us by the police.”

And all that Avery and her family and Steve Dolunt want is for the man responsible to be charged.

"I would like to see the prosecutor revisit the case," Dolunt said. ""Victims need closure and Paige's dad just died and never had closure."

"We will never have full-on real closure," Avery said. "That's a very broad and extended word because no one ever gets closure but knowing that he is charged or whoever is responsible or however many people murder are charged that will bring more help in easing my mind at night."