New lawsuits filed against Oxford Schools, AG Nessel offering families an independent investigation

Posted at 5:45 AM, Apr 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-15 05:45:04-04

OXFORD, MI (WXYZ) — Attorney General Dana Nessel will be in Oxford Monday night meeting with some families in a closed-door meeting to discuss the Oxford High School shooting.

Nessel offered to do an independent investigation for those families.

"We would absolutely love to have Dana Nessel come in and do the investigation for us. We would also be willing to accept any investigation," Oxford mother Andrea Jones said.

During a news conference Thursday, parents say there needs to be more done at the school to keep students safe. Many noted that counselors are not enough.

"Nobody just wants to ask the kids what would make them feel safe," Oxford father Jeff Jones said. "We almost need one town hall where it's just the kids talking."

Jone's son Griff was there when the shooting took place.

"He turned the corner and started shooting into the crowd I was in," he said.

Hana St. Juliana's father has filed a new 52-page lawsuit accusing Oxford Schools and certain officials of gross negligence. Hana's 17-year-old sister is also suing the school vowing to be Hana's voice for change.

Other parents say they are tired of the back and forth of speaking at school board meetings, sending emails, and speaking with administrators.

An independent investigation was promised but then shelved.

"Oxford's Board of Education is more concerned with protecting themselves than protecting our children," mother Lori Bourgeau said.

The group of parents and students have three demands:

  • A third party investigation before, during, and after the shooting
  • An updated safety plan with student input and full transparency
  • Everything to be in place by the fall