Norovirus alert issued after kids get sick at Waterford school

Posted at 4:27 PM, Apr 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-11 18:13:44-04

WATERFORD, Mich. (WXYZ) — The alert went out and health inspectors moved in. They converged on Cooley Elementary School in Waterford after an outbreak of norovirus, a highly contagious stomach virus that may have been spreading through the school.

Inspectors found the outbreak did not come from contaminated milk, which was the purported cause going around on social media.

7 Action News was told one girl at the school was carrying a basket and vomiting until her mother got to the school on Friday. Another boy threw up in a classroom.

School officials confirm six students went home after lunch on Friday.

Jennifer Neuman, a mother in the district, says several kids got sick over the weekend.

An Oakland County Health inspector came to the school Monday morning and reported:

Today’s investigation was completed in response to an alert from the Oakland County Health Department.

A norovirus handout was provided, and hand washing procedures were discussed.

The milk was holding at proper temperatures, expiration dates were verified and supply chain issues were discussed. No violations were cited.

Cooley Elementary School food inspection report by WXYZ-TV Detroit on Scribd

Waterford School District told 7 Action News in an email:

Milk inventory at Waterford School District is rotated and temperature/date checked every day. We are confident that the milk served to our students was not expired or contaminated in any way. The Oakland County Health Division has advised that the norovirus is currently spreading and that may be the cause of some of the illnesses. Waterford School District is currently disinfecting all rooms where illness has been reported and we will continue to remain vigilant on the situation.

- Waterford School District