Community Comment: Channel 7 viewer feedback from transportation to Dream Cruise

Posted at 3:41 PM, Aug 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 15:41:17-04

Once again, it’s time to share some of your comments.  We are still getting reaction to our station editorial about “Getting Around Metro Detroit.”

Angelo Binno wrote:

“I have lived in Southeast Michigan my entire life and have experienced first-hand the pains of not having mass transit.  I am blind and because of where I live in West Bloomfield I cannot go directly to the City of Detroit.  I am a SMART user and it works out great but there are many flaws.  We must transfer to DDOT.”

Eric Meyers has a different mobility issue.  He said:

“I want to say that I have complained…about the miserable sidewalk conditions in Livonia.  Bike riders within the city have to deal with glass, garbage, sagging sidewalk slabs (and) low tree branches.  I have fought this issue for 5 years.”

Our editorial about Michigan’s new Marshal Plan being signed into law prompted this comment:

“Governor Rick Snyder’s plan for boosting talent and skilled labor among our young people is a big step in the right direction.  Michigan’s future demands we teach our next generation how to make a living with what they can make with their hands.”

  • Richard Anderson

Maia Stapelton sent us this letter:

Kudos to the Ford Motor Company for purchasing the old Michigan Central Train Station.  Now, that’s corporate and community vision at its best!”

And finally, this reaction to our editorials about the Dream Cruise and moving the North American International Auto Show dates in 2020.

“Changing the Detroit auto show dates to warmer weather dates is just good common business sense.  And putting it closer to the August Dream Cruise reinforces us as the Auto Capital of the World.”

  • Devon B. 

That’s it for now.  Thanks for writing and watching. I’m C.S.